Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Friday 1st April at SHUNT in London

On the 1st of April we ran our first stint in a nightclub at Shunt in London. Shunt have been going for over ten years and have built up a reputation as one of London's best spaces for late night art events in the capital. After several near escapes Shunt finally shut it's doors for its London Bridge venue in summer 2010 but continued in a temporary space used for its own theatrical production, Money, on Bermondsey street. Our night there was within the last few events held in the space and it was a total pleasure to work with a crew of great people in such a unique and inspiring space. As you can see from the photographs we created interactive live film loops throughout the night that punters were invited to manipulate as the various acts of bands, comedy, drag acts, dancers and other artists contributed to the buzz of the evening throughout the night. We were offered unlimited sangria and lots of support, particularly from Laonikus, one of the students from the Guidhall school of music, who attended the warm up workshop held during Chris's residency in Iceland in September. It was great to create suge huge projections within the vast space and it proved to be a very unique event, including the screening of the film at 1am with optional dancing provided by the crowd! Thanks Shunt - we hope that your next incarnation comes about sooner rather than later!

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