Monday, July 11, 2011

Friday 8th July at Tate Britain

Friday was undoubtedly a very special day for us, as Unravel ran a day's workshop at one of our most prestigious venues on the tour - Tate Britain.  We were working with the Community and Education team to be part of the South West Festival, celebrating the local community of people living in the surrounding Pimlico area and further afield. We were delighted to find out we had our own brochure printed by the Tate that gave everyone a map detailing the events of the day which were seperated into three distinct spaces - one room with tables full of film, another specifically for 'live loops', and (most impressively) a screening space in the main hall of the Tate in the North Duveens Gallery at 2pm.
All five members of Unravel travelled down to London to run the workshop and it was a fantastic day for all of us where we had some great participants and were joined by old friends such as our tutor from the RCA and celebrated film maker, Nicky Hamlyn, for the screening.

Having the film screened in the main hall was especially great, as it allowed the participants to enjoy seeing their work immediately shown in one of the most renowned galleries in the world - turning them into bonafide artists and film makers! We finished the day visiting the current exhibitions of Vorticism and Water Colour, as well as very interesting display of early works by members of the band Throbbing Gristle. Thanks so much to everyone who came and also to everyone who helped this day happen. We had a truly memorable day.

Here's the content of the brochure - all copyrights are Tate's for the Design but the image used is from our workshop a few months ago at Basement Arts Project in Leeds.
 Glad to see the Davies family back again!!
Don't forget to check out what OKO have to say about our day and all our other workshops on their blog here: and their flickr photostream  which has many more photos from the day.

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