Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sunday 29th July at Nozstock in Herefordshire

As mentioned in the previous post, Chris was joined by fellow South Yorkshire bred artist and recent RCA graduate, Lucy Vann to run a workshop for the Wrong Directions Cinema Tent at Nozstock Festival in Herefordshire. It was a great weekend and the festival itself had a great family friendly and community spirit to its revelry.
We spent most of the weekend transfixed by the programming of the cinema tent which was curated by, brothers, Dan and Nick Brown (Mash Cinema and Big Telly Disco respectively) who had compiled over 56 hours of experimental films, animations, and innovative visual performances throughout the entire festival which climaxed with a visuals set that utilised parts of the filmic results of our workshop. Smashing to see some of the Kids for Kids UK animations in there too!
We salute the brothers Brown for their commitment and extreme lack of proper sleep whilst providing an inspiring programme filled with quality work. It was also a privelige to meet The Light Surgeons who were showing fantastic work that intersected between documentary and visual performance work and were genuinely lovely folks. Thanks again to Dan and Nick (and Lucy!) - Herefordshire was superb.

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