Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upcoming events at Turner Contemporary, Margate

There are three upcoming events at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate where Chris will represent Unravel and run direct film workshops in response to the current exhibition by Rosa Barba - Subject to Constant Change.
Chris was also involved in the Cornerhouse's co-production of the 35mm film shoot for the exhibition which runs simultaeneously in Manchester and Margate (see bad picture from iPhone to the right to prove it).
The events are 20th and 21st February and also a sixth form master class on 1st March.
Chris is looking forward to standing out in Margate with his tan he has acquired during the last five weeks on a residency project in Nairobi, Kenya but not looking forward to the imminent cold he will inevitably catch on return to the UK and thirty degree drop in heat!

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