Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thursday 2nd of December at no.w.here

Our day with no.w.here was one we looked forward to for a while. We'd long known of no.w.here who are a collective that includes the artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler and who run a ceasless series of workshops, guest lecture series and artists' film events from their base in Bethnal Green, London. It was an honour and privelige for us to be bringing Unravel to the lab and, despite serious weather conditions with heavy snow keeping a lot of people away we met a steady flow of participants, many of whom had developed their own sophisticated techniques in dealing with the materiality of film ,and who donated some of their own work to the project. We were hosted by no.w.here's James Holcombe who was a total pleasure to be in the company of for several hours and we probably learnt more that day than anyone else! 
In a very direct way Unravel has been influenced by the activities of no.w.here through the participation of them running a introductory course to super-8 at Leeds Evolution festival in early 2006 which was responsible for the formation of EXP24, the Leeds based film collective that included Mark, Jo and Chris. Thanks so much to everyone who made it down, braved the cold, and added to our project. A very special day for us! 

UPDATE - Just read a really interesting write up of the project on http://thinkingpractices.wordpress.com/ and the day by Alexa from the thinking practices research group at Westminster University. Alexa is pictured in the centre of the photgraph above and actually introduced us to her technique of using marbling inks which created the beautiful results on the picture above. Many thanks Alexa, hope to see you soon! 

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