Saturday, December 18, 2010

R.I.P. Brian Stewart, Director of Falmouth Art Gallery

Incredibly sad to hear the shocking news that the wonderful Brian Stewart of Falmouth Art Gallery has passed away. Brian was incredibly generous to us at our date with the Cornwall Film Festival at the Falmouth Art Gallery in November and it is with great sadness today that we heard of his untimely death.

We only met him that one day but genuinely feel a sense of loss, something that must only be felt tenfold throughout Falmouth, Cornwall and the UK's artistic community.
We were so impressed by the gallery and Brian's curatorial attitude towards keeping it as accessible and open to all without reducing the integrity or quality of the artworks - and felt the genuine pride he had for the gallery and its award winning status. Did I mention he even surprised us by making multiple packets of popcorn for everyone at the screening! 
The UK has lost a wonderful and inspiring man who we were lucky enough to engage with and be energised by his enthusiasm for our project.
Our thoughts go out to Brian's friends and family and wish them all the best possible christmas and new year.
Brian's obituary in the Guardian newspaper is here.

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