Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday 28th May at Saltaire Arts Trail

We took part in the Saltaire Arts Trail on saturday and were well attended with a variety of people who had mainly travelled to attend the three day arts event, wherein many of the participants of the town opened their houses to accommodate exhibitions by local artists. We were situated in Salt's building of Shipley College, named after the founder of Saltaire, Titus Salt (which dredged up memories of A-Level history coursework to Chris) and had a great day engaging with all the many people who stopped by to make the day's film including the Davies family from Basement Arts Projects - coming back for a third time! Outside the College was a Super-8 cinema specially commisioned for the festival by Cherry Kino and loads of activities to partake in. Our screening attracted around forty people who squashed into a room that was half designed to look like the interior cabin of a passenger plane, - our first in such a space! Thanks Saltaire, it was great to be there.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming to Saltaire to do the workshop. It was a great addition to our programme and our visitors loved it.
    Amanda Chinneck
    Saltaire Arts Trail