Monday, May 16, 2011

6th, 7th, 8th and 14th May at Studio at the Elephant, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, London

Over two weekends we had four brilliant days with Studio at the Elephant at the Elephant & Castle shopping centre in London. Followers may remember our two days at 'the Elephant' in November and the former space's success led to Rebecca Davies and Eva Sajovic opening the Studio in March for a longer duration. Whilst the unit is smaller in size than the previous one most of the workshops spill out onto the main concourses of the shopping centre which greatly attract many passers by and shoppers to interacting with the diverse and exciting programme of events.  A talk on herbal remedies, a story telling scone making rabbit, a celebration of the Latin American Workers Association Socitey and much more happened whilst we there.
Most impressively was the screening of Ken Aston's  We Was All One, a documentary made in 1972 organised with Tate Modern's Community Film Club which the Studio organised a special event space in a spare unit and generated almost 200 people in its audience. Make sure to regularly check the programme of events at the Studio - it is a unique and impressive project that obviously is made out of a genuine passion and excitement to engage and entertain the vibrant community on its doorstep. Don't miss!

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