Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday 7th November in Falmouth for Cornwall Film Festival

So as soon as the BFI was done - Chris, Maria and her boyfriend Chris Jones, caught a train straight away to get to Falmouth. A few rail replacements were in occurence but we were lucky enough to have first class travel provided for us by the festival which was great. We got a chance to walk round Falmouth at night and drink real cornish ale.

Our workshop was set in Falmouth Art Gallery which became instantly exciting as we realised we were to be holding the workshop in the main gallery space - surrounded by works and prints by Picasso, Hockney, Gavin Turk, Henry Moore, and Roy Lichtenstein. The collection is fantastic, as is the gallery's curator Brian Stewart, who regularly rotates the works in the space to the extent that, after taking a like to chris's postcard of his video piece The world at your feet (III) he  asked if he could aquire it into the Falmouth Art Gallery Collection which Chris agreed and was displayed immediately!

The ethos of this award winning gallery to be as inclusive as possible without talking down to its attendees made it a perfect setting for our workshop.
So you are as likely to find an original illustration of Bagpuss or a Spitting Image puppet as you are a Renoir painting. There's also an incredible selection of automatons  like the picture to the left which kids seem to love.

We had a huge amount of people through the doors all day which was awesome - the gallery even opening on a Sunday just to hold our workshop.
We had experienced film makers and students from Falmouth Art College as well as young children and families and had a lot of fun in the process.
The final film was great and we were even given popcorn by Brian who was infectiously enthusiastic throughout the day.
We were sad to leave as, although we were tired from all the travelling of late Falmouth was a brilliant date on our schedule.

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