Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday 19th February at Wolds Village

We were lucky enough to be asked to visit Wolds Village. A fantastic restaurant, guesthouse and art gallery located in the Yorkshire Wolds near Driffield in East Yorkshire. This whole enterprise is a family run affair that has, over sixteen years, converted a barn and coaching house into a succesful local attraction. Sally and Chris Brearly have obviously worked hard and have an obvious  pride for the place with many touching monuments left in dedication to Sally's late father, Bob Holmes, who is credited throughout the complex as one of the driving forces behind the project.

 It is clearly a labour of love and we were very priveliged to be able to spend the night in one of several themed rooms - the tudor room even having a four poster bed!
 Easily one of the nicest places we have stayed on the tour the restarant was great too. For the workshop, we had a steady flow of people join us throughout the day and made a very colourful film with many local families coming to add their hand to the longest hand painted film in Britain. The fifteen minute film was shown to a pleased crowd in time for the gallery to be swept for Sally's Mum's 70th birthday party later that evening. It was a total pleasure to be there and thanks again to all at Wolds Village who came and made the film. Amazing place well worth a stop over! Thanks everyone.

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