Monday, February 28, 2011

Whitworth Art Gallery on Saturday 26th February

A fantastic day at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester was had with stunning results made from a dedicated crowd. Chris, Mark and Jo ran this and were pleased to see some familiar faces and friends turn up including Barney DoodlebugNaomi Kashiwagi Christina from Video is the only constant, Howard Walmsley from Biting Tongues and Claire Thomas who is interning at the North West Film Archive whilst studying at Manchester Met's Media Lab.

A great bunch of people stepped through the doors of our space in the Lecture Theatre whilst attending the first full week of the Mary Kelly retrospective - one of the Whitworth Gallery's biggest ever solo shows.

The theatre  allowed us to utilise the space and create full screen projections which some young participants immersed themselves in through creating live projections throughout the day. The results were highly impressive and some of the detailed animations looked beautiful, especially at such a scale. A total pleasure - thanks to everyone who turned up and to Naomi Kashiwagi and Ed Watts for arranging our date there. For more info on the whitworth's adult programme check out their blog here...

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