Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday 16th February at King Edward VI College, Nuneaton

We were asked to visit King Edward VI College in Nuneaton back in January when we met the leader of their Art Foundation Course, Sarah Moss, at the start of our day at the IKON Gallery. The college is home to over 1100 students mainly for studying A-Levels and the new art block opened recently is a fantastic space that could give the Royal College of Art a run for its money in individual student work spaces. Chris and Maria worked with staff and students from many different academic disciplines and were impressed by the innovative techniques the students came up with. We had participants sewing into the film, stamping prints into it and most excitedly for us, using a typewriter and bleach to hit degraded typefaces into the film.
 The results of this were fantastic and there was over fifteen minutes of film made throughout the day - much more than our average workshop. It was great to talk to many of the participants and we interviewed students, staff, the principal of the college and the photographer from the local paper about their perspectives on their time spent living in Nuneaton.

Thanks to everyone who took part during the day, it was great to work with you all (oh and one more thank you to Sarah Moss who also baked us amazing buns and cakes!!!). Cheers Nuneaton!

We have just been sent this video made by Billy the media technician at the college and it's great! :

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