Monday, October 04, 2010

Abandon Normal Devices (Day One)

We had a two day residency at Noise Lab in the heart of Manchester's busy Market Street as part of the Abandon Normal Devices Festival. The festival is really impressive and boasts a strong line up of expanded cinema, AV performance art, exhibitions and film as cabaret. We had a great day and had over a hundred people take part throughout the day - many just wondering in off the street wondering what was happening in the space.
The ten minute film was fantastic and this was the first time in the tour that all the members of Unravel were able to be in the same workshop - so OKO were there showing us even more techniques and Kelvin managed to get many people to sit and talk about their experiences of Manchester and Britain. Some brilliant stories were documented including a tale of a man being trapped in the Blackpool tower for 2 weeks surviving only on Mars Bars and different variations of people complaining about the rain!
After the screening we all went to see the Premiere of Turner Prize winning Artist Gillian Wearing's debut feature length film 'Self Made' - a truly raw and intensely emotional documentary. This was an absolute privelidge for us and comes thorughly recommended. Gillian was there in person and answered questions about the film for half an hour after the showing. Look out for it as and when it gets a national release!

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