Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday at the De La Warr Pavilion

So straight after our two days at The Big Draw we hopped on a train to the South coast to Bexhill for the De La Warr Pavilion. We were put up in the Dunselma hotel which was great - never scoff at free bananas - and were just over the road from our venue, the 1935 built Art Deco building.
Regular readers may remember we saw Ian Breakwell's 'The Other Side' installation in September at the Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival filmed in the DLWP and it was a pleasure to see Melanie Iredale, the director of Berwick's festival come and find us at the Big Draw on Saturday during her busy schedule at the London International Film Festival.

At Bexhill we met up with our good freind Leah Fusco who graduated with Chris and Maria at the RCA in July. Everyone should check out Leah's fantastic illustrations when they get the chance - particularly her evocative field drawings of Beachy Head that inspired some of the filming we did for the project on our H16 Bolex during the summer.

Aside from having the best chips we'd had that side of the North/South divide we had a great day sat both inside, as part of the Access All Areas youth festival, and outside overlooking the sea in fantastic weather allowing passers-by the opportunity to join in.

The end of the day culminated in our screening being part of a series of performances that marked the end of the youth festival. This was the first time we had projected to a screen size scale, with the soundtrack pumped through a PA making the experience very intense! We loved it... but it may have freaked out a few younger viewers! Thanks Bexhill!

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