Monday, October 04, 2010

Abandon Normal Devices (Day Two)

For our second day at NoiseLab the name of the venue became much more apt as over four or five more workshops occurred in the space at the same time creating an energised abstract loop of noise and electronics sound as the background for our activities. Despite the rain we had another hundred people show up and participate into creating another fifteen minutes of footage to go towards our final film.
We met more great people including Marion Hewitt from the North West Film Archive and more of the lovely people running AND festival and our friends from the Cornerhouse (who's gallery has just opened a new show by Phil Colins and who's cinema 1 is currently adorned with a great sequential poster taken from the infamous ten minute scene of a single tracking shot of Jean Luc Godard's 'Week-end' reminding Chris all to well of his MA dissertation!).

Before our final screening we watched a performance of The Face Visualiser performance by Daito Manabe - a truly amazing and very very strange performance whereby electrodes taped on their faces were synched to his music which made their faces spasm in a synchronised way!!!

They followed the performance by a twenty minute talk but had to have a fifteen minute break beforehand to allow their facial muscles to rest! Very wierd and very brilliant! Chris asked them in the bar later on 'does it hurt?' and the answer....yes!

AND Festival continues until thursday - if you are in Manchester it's really worth going throught the programme as there is so much to see. We will be at the Kinematic gig on tuesday, the Gleaners show tonight and hopefully the end party on thursday by Kazimier.
AND AND AND AND it was great!

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