Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday and Saturday at The Big Draw Festival

This weekend was the first time we had three workshops in a row after each other, which came immediately after a major group art exhibition opened  in Leeds on thursday called 'The Plaza Principle' in which we were all involved (Maria having to take a 9 hour return coach journey to London in one day!). So the energy levels were looking dubious until the excitement kicked in when we saw we had a marquee all to ourselves for two days immediately outside Tower Bridge in London as part of The Campaign for Drawing and The Big Draw Festival!
These were two incredible days which suited us perfectly - our ethos of being a free and open-to-all event having never been more fully realised than here - allowing very young children, fantastic groups of prize-winning school kids, and every generation from families of all nationalities to spend time in each others' company working together.
We met so many amazing people, youngsters of all ages including the lovely couple who are soon to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary (who got married three days after they met!) to the creative genius of Danny, a budding young artist/director/storyteller extraordinaire, whose creations included 'gross elf', 'bomb breath', 'spikeyman' and the (living) 'monster airport'! We also were joined by thirty talented artists from Shaftesbury Primary School who almost covered the film completely within half an hour and explained to Chris on video what 'LOL' means!

Thanks loads to everyone who took part - amassing our most epic film yet and to all our helpers throughout the weekend - Caroline, Angela, Zamira, Victoria and the wonderful Zsusie! special thanks to Nick and Sue for making this all happen - it was an amazing weekend!
We will be hosting the video of the results of the workshop as soon as possible - check back here very soon...

(Chris broke his camera so special thanks to Victoria Ahmed and Zamira Murati for their photography skills)

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