Thursday, November 18, 2010

Edinburgh at the Forest Cafe

We were able to get an extra date in during our time in Edinburgh thanks to our very good friend and exceptional host for the next two nights, Rachel McCrum  who is working for Craft Scotland - a great organisation who work with designer/makers, galleries and retail outlets to support them in building and sustaining audiences. Rachel has been one of our biggest supporters since we won the Deutsche Bank Award and it was great to hang out with her in her new neighborhood in Edinburgh.
So, under Rachel's suggestion, we approached the Forest Cafe an organisation that incorporates much of Edinburgh's rich cultural activity with a great vegan and vegetarian cafe and offers workshops, film nights, a huge gig venue, and a social centre for anyone and everyone. It was very easy going and we met some very interested and intersting individuals throughout the afternoon followed by a big screening before the night's acoustic gig. The Forest is currently under threat and there is an appeal to try and buy the venue, collectively, so as to maintain its activity. For more information click here. 
Edinburgh was beautiful especially around Holyrood Park, but next up Inverness, so far North that Chris know has to question his Northerner status, coming from Rotherham.

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