Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday 5th November at Sheffield Doc Fest

So whilst Chris and Maria slept, or attempted to sleep, through an eleven hour sleeper train from Inverness to Euston, Mark and Jo had their own OKO led workshop at Sheffield Doc Fest. Although this was a short  workshop the results look amazing and we'll be telecining and posting all of the workshop results on-line as soon as possible. Chris was particularly gutted to be missing the only workshop booked in South Yorkshire so far - his home county so maybe we'll try and sort something out again for the new year.

Sheff Doc Fest was a major date on our schedule and the entire programme was distributed for free with the Guardian newspaper a week before so hopefully a few of you heard about us that way. Please e-mail us at for any queries as we are still booking dates around the country for the new year.

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