Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday 4th November at Inverness Film Festival

Now just operating as a twosome of Chris and Maria due to to Kelvin's work commitments at Salford University we took in the amazing sites of another three hour train ride form Edinburgh to Inverness  through the Highlands - apparently the most sparsely populated area of Europe. Amazing scenery that reminded Chris of his stay in Iceland in September.
And so we finally arrived in Inverness, our most Northern city on the tour so far and our last date in Scotland. The people here were so polite and we even got picked up from the station to our guesthouse. Inverness Film Festival at The Eden Court is essentially programmed by one man, Paul Thompson, who oversees and introduces the entire festival and it had a great line-up especially in Paul's insistence to show Scottish Shorts before every film in the programme and we enjoyed Ruth Paxton's Paris/Sexy.
For the workshop we were positioned right by the front entrance to the Eden Court where hundreds of school kids on their way to see an educational event about the opera taking place there was held. We also met Georgina Coburn who wrote a great article about us and the whole festival here.
We'd have loved to have stayed longer but had to get the eleven hour night train from Inverness to London. If we had stayed we'd have definitely gone to watch the special performance of Blood of A Poet by Steve Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Maybe next time... goodbye to Inverness and goodbye to Scotland (for now)...

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