Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Saturday 15th June, Dunoon Film Festival

Jo and Maria were on the road again in June, to hold a workshop at the inaugural Dunoon Film Festival. After two trains and one ferry (and a big splash of sea-waves for Maria) they spend two fantastic days in Dunoon, a beautiful sea-side town with a rich history as a coastal resort for holidaying Glaswegians coming down the River Clyde.

The workshop took place on Saturday the 15th of June, at Burgh Hall, a beautiful building undergoing much needed rennovation thanks to a passionate and determined local initiative: http://burghhalldunoon.com.
We recorded interviews with some of the engineers, architects and community activists involved in the restoration; it will all be included in the final soundtrack.

The Unravel workshop was sponsored by Dunoon Community Radio, and DJ Sam invited Jo and Maria to the studio for an interview and some tunes: http://www.dunooncommunityradio.org/2013/06/15/dcr-sponsored-unravel-direct-filmmaking-workshop/

It was a real pleasure to have been part of this festival. A big thanks to Matt Lloyd Co-curator and Producer of the Festival and Kirtsin Innes PR. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Next workshop in Liverpool - Kazimier Garden Project on Sunday 14th July

Looking forward to being part of the excellent Kazimier's Garden Project  on Sunday 14th July - although we wish we there the same weekend as their upcoming date with the incredible Shangaan Electro who run a workshop there on the 20th July ;):